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What’s in it? Yummy - CBD Gummy Bags!

CBD gummies are quickly rising in popularity thanks to their sweet taste and amazing health benefits.

Bolt's CBD gummies come in all colors, flavors, and concentrations that make your path to wellness exciting. They offer that signature chewy texture and give you a warm feeling of goodness.

These gummies are one of the most convenient ways to consume CBD. They are portable, discreet, and easy to eat. Thus, making them a great option for people looking to get their CBD fix.

To put it simply, if you are interested in trying CBD products, gummies are a great starting point.

How to Use Them?

Bolt's CBD gummies come inside bags of different variations and gummies amount, from 100 to 2000 MG per bag. Each gummy is dosed at 10-50 MG depending on the variation of the package.

If you don't have any experience with CBD products, we recommend you start with a 100 MG bag which contains 5 MG per gummy CBD. This will help you gauge the snack much better. 

Gummies can take approximately 2 hours to take full effect, so if you feel like the effects are light, you can amp up the dosage. This process can be repeated to find the right dosage for you. The effects last up to 4 to 6 hours depending on potency.

Benefits of Choosing Gummies

Easy Dosage

Our CBD gummies are easy to keep track of. You can gradually increase the dosage to see what works best for you. To lower the dosage, simply cut a gummy in half.

Calming Effects

If you often experience stress and anxiety, Bolt's CBD Gummies can help you overcome it. They quickly induce tranquility and a sense of calmness in your mind.

As the act of chewing distracts your brain from anxious thoughts, the CBD comes into play. 

It significantly reduces your cortisol levels, effectively lowers your stress, and keeps in a jolly mood. You can also easily consume it in public without receiving weird looks from bystanders.

Laser Focus

After consuming CBD gummies, you’ll experience improved focus. 

Just chew the gummies while doing work to significantly improve your concentration.

CBD also affects the serotonin flow towards your brain, helping you achieve a sense of calm and undisturbed sleep.

Improved Appetite

Our CBD gummies can help boost your appetite. 

So, whenever you feel a loss of appetite, just pop a CBD infused gummy in your mouth and you’ll start craving for a meal.

Lungs Protection

For some people, smoking causes allergic reactions or hurts the lungs, leading to coughing or feeling sick.

Bolt’s CBD gummies will help shield your lungs from any damage that may be caused by smoking. Your lungs will be protected from any serious problems and reduce the chance of ailments like coughing.

Potential Risks

Just like regular gummy bears, our CBD gummies are 100% safe to consume and has a plethora of benefits. They are made from organically available broad and full spectrum CBD without any harmful substances.

However, daily intake should be kept in check and increased gradually per requirement. If you are taking any other medications for treatment, it's best to first consult with your physician.

Bolt’s CBD Gummies are also available in jars. And if gummies aren’t your thing, you can try our range of CBD Chocolate Bars. 

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